Things to Do in Easton, Pennsylvania


When looking for a small town, look no further than Easton, Pennsylvania. Located less than an hour from New York City and Philadelphia, this town has it all! From the public market to baseball/softball, you’ll never run out of things to do. And you can’t forget to try the archery range in the town. No matter what your interests are, Easton is sure to have something to offer. We’ve listed a few things to do in Easton.


Easton is a city in Pennsylvania. It is the county seat of Northampton County and the confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh rivers. It is a major transportation hub and has a thriving arts scene. As of the 2010 census, the population was 28,217. There are many things to do in Easton and you’ll be glad you took the time to learn more about this historic city. Its history dates back to the 17th century and it’s now a thriving destination for families and travelers.

Although Easton is small, it has many charms. The architecture is stunning, the surrounding nature is beautiful, and the arts scene is active and diverse. This is a foodie’s town with numerous hidden culinary gems. It is also listed as one of the Top Ten Best Small Towns in America, and a Top 100 Small Arts Community. For these reasons, Easton is a great place to call home. While you’re there, be sure to visit the local farmers’ market!

Easton is one of Pennsylvania’s oldest cities. It was one of the three cities where the Declaration of Independence was read in public after adoption. Easton was a strategic location for several important events in Pennsylvania’s history, including the Revolutionary War, the French and Indian War, and the Walking Purchase. A few attractions in Easton are listed below. You can even plan a trip to the town to see the sites of these historical events.

The West Ward district is located to the west of downtown. It encompasses much of the west side of Easton, from Sixth Street to Fifteenth Street. While this district is largely residential, it is the most populated area of Easton. A number of neighborhoods in Easton are thriving and well worth exploring. A vibrant downtown district is the perfect setting for a family day out. The downtown area is also home to several galleries and shops.

Easton Archery

If you’re looking for archery equipment, you’ve probably heard of Easton Archery. The company was founded in 1922 by James D. Easton. After his death in 1972, his son, James L. Easton, took over the business. Since that time, they’ve manufactured high-quality archery equipment for a variety of customers. These products have earned many prestigious awards. But what makes them different?

For starters, Easton makes hunting arrows and bows for hunters, as well as other sports equipment. Their hunting arrows are exceptionally powerful, generating kinetic energy when shot from a bow. They also feature a slim diameter, enabling through-shots. This makes them easier to track animals after they’ve been hit. Easton employs over 1,000 people and has the capability to develop new products and improve on the ones they make.

While many archery companies make good arrows, only Easton produces superior bows and arrows. This makes their products the top choice for high-level competition. They also produce high-quality bowhunting arrows, such as Beman, which provides innovative, affordable bowhunting arrows. A variety of arrow shafts and broadheads are available. Easton is also the world leader in making shafts, and Beman is an all-carbon bowhunting solution.

The company also creates arrows to fit any archery-level. Easton Scout arrows are excellent for beginners and those with lower-poundage bows. Easton arrows are great for beginners as well as experienced archers. The company’s line of products includes everything from beginners’ arrows to hunting arrows for 40-pound bows. These arrows are great for target shooting and operating a range.

Easton Baseball/Softball

Easton Baseball/Softball, a leading sports equipment company in the United States, has recently unveiled its first Japanese product offering, an interactive product showcase held at the Jingu Indoor Baseball Practice Facility in Tokyo. With over 90 years in the business, Easton is a leader in innovation and manufacturing quality baseball and softball gear. The company also manufactures hockey stick blades and shafts, as well as tent tubes and bicycle components.

The company has also opened an automated warehouse in Salt Lake City in late 1987. The move has helped the company better distribute its products and support its long-term goals. The new facility will further innovation and development. Kevin Davis, chief executive of Performance Sports Group, says the new facility will help the company grow in the future. And while the company will still be headquartered in the U.S., it is committed to developing the game and keeping its players safe.

Easton’s commitment to innovation has allowed the company to gain market share. They were the first company to produce a true aluminum baseball bat, and have continued to raise the bar in recent years with innovations like the Carbon Core and Scandium materials. In addition to these new technologies, Easton has a long-term relationship with many professional and amateur baseball teams, including Little League and Major League Baseball. The company also manufactures a wide variety of clothing and accessories for baseball and softball.

While their hockey gear was a tremendous success, the company also expanded into the baseball/softball market. By the late 1970s, Easton was leading the way in aluminum softball bats. In 1969, they introduced titanium-coated aluminum bats. Though the company did not develop the bat, Jim Easton’s engineering team developed the equipment to make aluminum bats viable. The company’s success paved the way for innovation and growth in other sports, such as hockey, cycling, and soccer.

Easton Public Market

A new farmers market opened in the eastern part of Pennsylvania on Thursday, Sept. 6, with a focus on local products and local businesses. The Easton Public Market attracts 5,000 people each week, and the Highmark Farmstand provides 42 percent of its produce and products from local and regional sources. The market also features live music on Friday nights and Chile Pepper Fest on September 16.

The market features an on-site butcher, farmstead, fishmonger, and demonstration kitchen. It also features a cafe, noodle bar, craft beer, and wood-fired pizza. The market is open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Parking is free during market hours. Visitors can also park for free on the weekends. Attractions like the Easton Public Market offer something for everyone.

One of the new vendors at the Easton Public Market is Green Vida Cafe, which serves smoothie bowls, juices, and toasts. This cafe is the second location of the owners of this popular organic coffeehouse. Their products are made with non-GMO and organic ingredients. Visitors can also enjoy the Sullivan Trail location nearby. The Easton Public Market is a great way to support local businesses and enjoy delicious food. It is an excellent place to meet the community and support the local economy.

The Easton Farmers’ Market also features Tolino Vineyards, a winery located in Bangor, Pa. Visitors can taste their Chambourcin wine and purchase it for home. The wines are made from the grapes of the Lehigh Valley. Its wines are made from natural ingredients and are unfiltered. The market also features local honey and fresh vegetables. And, when you’re ready to treat yourself to some tasty food and drink, check out the Tolino Vineyards and Tolino Winery.

aeston’s climate

The climate of Easton is humid subtropical. Summers are hot and humid, but the high humidity makes the temperature feel even warmer. Spring and fall months are mild, but winters can be cold, with lows near freezing. Easton has a local hardiness zone of 6b. As a result, it is often snowy in winter and is ideal for skiing, but not for hiking. Winters are the coldest time of year.