Unknown Room Album Review

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If you’ve been looking for an album to download to ease your mood, Key and Western’s latest is a great option. The album is a continuation of their previous LP, Lingam, and will serve as your “go-to medicine” when the mood strikes. This album is not available in your region. But don’t despair: you can find a copy of Unknown Room right here on Bandcamp. The album’s instrumental tracks are just as soothing as its title suggests.

Unknown Room is Key and Western’s last album

Before the late Phil Western passed away in March, Unknown Room was completed, and was slated for release in June. This is the last chance for fans to experience Download’s work before it was too late. The album continues the theme of Lingam, the band’s previous LP. In the process, they managed to make an album that’s both deep and accessible. Here, we take a look at what we can expect from their final release.

Despite the fact that it’s the last album by the legendary duo, Unknown Room is the most accessible and enjoyable of their three previous albums. The album is packed with trippy and dub elements and rarely dips below 110 BPM. This hypnotic and addictive album builds on the techno rush of the previous two albums and introduces blissful phasing, classic Key arpeggios, and krautrock drumming.

It is a continuation of previous LP Lingam

Phil Western and the venerable DJ Download are on the brink of releasing their last original LP, Unknown Room, as it is the last work by the late artist. As it was completed shortly before Western’s passing, Unknown Room is a fitting end to his legacy. While there are no major changes to the sound of the previous LP Lingam, it is still an excellent listen.

The LP is presented in a reversed cardboard jacket with full-tone colors on the outside and a printed inner sleeve with the original artwork. The track “Children” is a great example of how the previous LP evolved. The album follows a similar theme as Lingam and is reminiscent of the artist’s past work. Despite its differences, the LP still manages to impress fans of the latter’s more experimental sounds.

It is not currently available in your region

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