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weathervanes freelance whales download

Weathervanes and Freelance Whales are two groups of musicians that come to your aid when you need a jolt of inspiration. The Freelance Whales are a group that features new instruments on the Weathervanes platform. They play everything from banjo to bare-bones riffs. If you want to download their music, you should read this article! It will help you decide whether to download Weathervanes or Freelance Whales.


The Freelance Whales are a five-piece indie pop band from Queens, New York. The band formed in late 2008 and made their recording debut with Weathervanes, which was released in September 2010 on iTunes. Their sound is multifaceted, with a heavy lean toward banjos and xylophones as well as glitchy backings. If you want to hear a song by Freelance Whales in its entirety, you can download the album from iTunes.

Weathervanes are self-described as akin to the Brooklyn-based band Hannah Takes the Stairs. Their lilting songs combine banjo, drum machine, and other unusual instruments. You’ll find their tunefulness and inoffensive lyrics on this first full-length album. The album has a feel of construction, and even has a rag tag backstory. The snazzy artwork, though, makes the album worth a download.

Freelance Whales

You can download the first two tracks of Weathervanes’ debut album for free, along with the entire music video. This band is comprised of five members, all of whom are buskers who have been touring for more than two years. Their debut album combines banjo, drum machine, and other acoustic instruments in a way that makes them sound like a mashup of a bunch of different artists. The songs are catchy and inoffensive, but the band isn’t trying to be too clever. In fact, they’re trying to find the confluence between science and emotion, and capturing it in their music.

Freelance Whales’ songs are full of joyous indie-pop, with themes that range from space exploration to dreams and natural selection. The band’s debut EP, Freelance Whales, was released in November 2013, and the lead single “Locked Out” features vocalist Judah Dadone. It also features themes of outward excursions and the idea of escaping. While Freelance Whales’ music isn’t as sophisticated as Owl City, it’s still worth a listen.

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Peppy songs

When I was a teenager in New York City, I used to see the Freelance Whales busking around the city. That wasn’t the case for long, but they formed as a band in 2008, and the album they made is called Weathervanes. The band blends banjo with drum machines, and their peppy songs have an easygoing, innocent sound. There’s nothing cutting-edge about these songs, but their unabashed sincerity makes them all the more likable.

The band has toured extensively in the last two years and released their first album, Weathervanes, in 2010. The band continued on their journeyman ways, recording their sophomore effort, Diluvia, over two months in various New York City studios. They worked with Shane Stoneback, who also produced Sleigh Bells and Vampire Weekend’s debut album. The album is expected to hit stores on October 9th.


On March 16th, Freelance Whales’ Weathervanes is being re-released by Frenchkiss/Mom + Pop Records. In preparation for this re-release, the band recently played a live session on Snacky Tunes, hosted by Finger on the Pulse. You can watch the full session above and check out the band’s tour dates below. If you are a fan of acoustic music, the band’s Weathervanes album is definitely worth the download.

The five-piece band from Queens formed in late 2008, and it was only last year that they self-released their debut album on iTunes, Weathervanes. With this debut album, the band has proven their growing appeal and have been busy creating new material. Their varied indie-pop sound is characterized by glitchy backing and banjos. In addition to creating new music, Freelance Whales are also working on a follow-up to Weathervanes.


The Brooklyn band Freelance Whales has been generating buzz for quite some time. Formed in late 2008, the five-piece ensemble released their self-titled debut full-length album this past September. Their eclectic indie-pop sound features a mix of instrumentation including xylophones, banjos, and glitchy backing. Brooklynites should definitely check out Weathervanes, their debut album.

The sound of Freelance Whales is reminiscent of a 21st-century indie pop band, complete with loops, banjos, and glockenspiels. Their songs are catchy, and their influences are clear. However, they’re not exactly cutting-edge, and that may make them easy to dismiss. But once you hear their debut album, you’ll definitely be listening to it.