A Spongelle Review


If you’re looking for a new bubble bath, consider using Spongelle. A Spongelle review will include a list of hidden facts and the positive and negative aspects of this eco-friendly bubble bath. Founded by Elaine Binder in 2003, Spongelle is an all-in-one bath product. Its Body Wash Infused Buffer is designed to make lathering easy and convenient. In the process, the company has surpassed its own high-end competitors.

Positive and negative reviews of Spongelle

The Spongelle brand is known for its luxurious and eco-friendly bath and body products. They make a variety of body scrubs, sponges, and buffers. You can even purchase hand care products made with Spongelle’s luxurious ingredients. Positive and negative reviews of Spongelle vary depending on what you are looking for. Here is a look at what they are made with. Let’s dive into the details and discover what you should expect from this brand.

Spongelle has many loyal fans on Reddit and is rated extremely high on Influenster. The company’s Honey Blossom Body Wash Infused Buffer is rated 4.7/5 stars by 390 customers. However, some customers are unhappy with the abrasive buffer and the scent of the product. Positive reviews on Spongelle, on the other hand, praise the company’s powerful sponges.


If you are on a vegan diet and are concerned about the ingredients in your body wash, consider a product called Vegan Spongelle. This cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brand is a favorite of many Clever Girls. Among the products they sell are bath sponges, body wash, hand cream, and buffers. All of the sponges are dermatologist-tested for safety. What’s great about Vegan Spongelle is that you can purchase them in various shapes and sizes. They make excellent hostess gifts and are a great way to support the cause of cruelty-free and vegan living.

Spongelle is a great choice for those who are interested in eco-friendly, natural beauty products, and fragrances. The whipped body souffle contains ingredients like nourishing vitamin E and shea butter that help the skin stay soft. The shimmering effect adds a touch of glimmer. While Spongelle’s body lotions are available in a variety of scents, everyone will be able to find a fragrance they love.

Spongelle hand creams are made from a plant-based blend that lasts for 14+ washes. There are many fragrances to choose from, and you can even buy scented sponges that smell good. Cherry Tonka Musk is one of the most popular scents by Spongelle, but it’s more expensive than the other two. Unlike the rest of their scents, Cherry Tonka Musk is heavier on musk.


A cruelty-free spongelle body wash is a great alternative to expensive and chemical-laden soaps. The sponge-like formula gently cleanses and nourishes skin without drying it out. It is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan friendly. It contains a patented formula that prevents it from degrading, leaving it feeling silky and clean. It also helps protect animals from further suffering.

The unique, patented technology in Spongelle’s body wash allows it to lather up every time. It is also hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly, and made in the USA. Because the sponges are cruelty-free, they are ideal as hostess or birthday gifts. And because they’re so versatile, they’re the perfect addition to any gift basket. And they’re great for travel!

Another unique feature of the cruelty-free spongelle is its eco-friendly formulation. The Spongology Collection is made of environmentally-friendly ingredients such as rosehip, green tea, and hibiscus. They use a vegan-friendly base with essential oils, which give you a luxurious scent. They are able to deliver a luxurious, natural, and safe sponge that’s gentle enough to use on delicate skin.


While you may not think that using eco-friendly sponges will make your bathroom more attractive, it is possible to save money by recycling used ones. For example, Spongelle is donating a portion of their proceeds to the Women’s Earth Alliance. While many sponges are not recyclable, there are a few products that are. For example, you can purchase a small, reusable cotton sponge to take along on vacation.

Whether you prefer to use a sponge to wash your face, body or hair, Spongelle has a sponge for everyone. The sponges are made from gentle ingredients and are available in many scents. Whether you prefer a soft, natural feel or a scent that will linger in your memory, Spongelle is an ideal choice. The company’s products are eco-friendly and meet the demands of ethical consumers.

For a relaxing, calming bath, try the Spongelle Cherry Tonka Musk body wash. This scent has a woodsy amber base, while a floral note hints at freesia and rose. This version costs $26. The Cherry Tonka Musk body wash is more floral, with no cherry notes. This eco-friendly sponge is an all-over favorite among fragrance lovers. You can buy it in several colors and sizes to suit your tastes and your budget.

Body wash infused

Body wash infused with spongelle is an excellent option for people who want to cleanse their bodies. Its unique design lets you lather from the inside out, providing deep cleansing and moisturizing properties. The sponges are durable, lasting for five to thirty washes. In addition, they can be reused. The sponges will retain their properties for up to 14 uses, making them an economical option.

In addition to the sponge-like texture of the body wash, spongelle contains a blend of exotic botanicals and rich moisturizers that leave the skin soft and glowing. These ingredients are combined with the sponge to remove dead skin cells and reveal healthy, radiant skin. The products are made in the U.S.A. and are available in a variety of fragrances. While many companies claim to have luxurious soaps and cleansers, Spongelle doesn’t use synthetic fragrances.

Spongelle uses patented technology to deliver its ingredients. Each product contains no animal ingredients, which makes them an excellent choice for sensitive skin. The patented technology enables these sponges to change texture in seconds when you squeeze them under water. You can expect a guaranteed 14-wash supply, which means you’ll never run out. And because Spongelle’s sponges contain no sulfates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances, you can feel confident that your body will be clean and moisturized.


Spongelle’s heart-shaped Body Wash Infused Buffer is an indulgent body scrub that is dual-sided and infused with skin-softening olive oil, yuzu, and edelweiss. The subtle rose fragrance soothes and revitalizes the skin, and the soap is hydrating. You can use this heart-shaped sponge for at least five washes. You’ll love the scent.

Its shape makes it an adorable present for your special someone. It is the perfect way to show your love for each other and give them a gift they’ll treasure for years to come. This heart-shaped sponge will clean, exfoliate, and massage your skin while filling the bathroom with a heavenly aroma. And since it is perfect for a few uses each, it makes a sweet gift for your special someone.

Spongelle Infused Buffers are perfect for traveling and are infused with heart-shaped fragrances. Use them with your favorite bar or liquid soaps for a truly luxurious shower experience. You can hang them outside your shower to keep them handy while you shower. You can also use them to remove make-up or scrub your skin while you’re in the shower. And once you’re finished, hang them in a convenient location to enjoy them anytime you want.https://www.youtube.com/embed/84nGzCjGdfc

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