Dee and the Big Nuts Book Review

deez nuts book

If you have ever heard the joke about the big nuts and the little squirrel, you will surely love this Dee and the Big Nuts book. This children’s book is about the big nuts and a squirrel named Dee. It is a great parody of the famous nursery rhyme. The book will make your kids laugh and will make them realize that their actions have consequences. You’ll love this fun story as much as your kids will.


In “Deez nuts,” a young squirrel, Jed, is caught by a hawk. But he manages to escape with the help of a clever squirrel martial art called Hai Tchree. With his newfound friends, he discovers a grave peril lurking behind the homes of his neighbors. During the course of the book, Jed will try to warn neighbors of his peril.

A few things should be noted about the story. The title is a double entendre, referring to both actual nuts and human “nuts.” While the audience already knows what Welven gets in the mail, his dad doesn’t have any idea until he hears the punchline. The alternate title is GOT’EEEEMM!!!!


A parody book that pokes fun at deez nuts, a popular children’s book, has become a popular gift item. The title of the book is a double entendre: “deez nuts” refers to both actual nuts and human “nuts.” The audience knows what Welven receives in the mail, but Welven’s dad does not know anything about it until he hears the punchline.

The prank was created by a popular Instagram user, WelvenDaGreat, and has inspired numerous parodies. The prank is an extended version of the original uploaded by WelvenDaGreat, which includes more exposition and a rap song reference. The video is one minute long and has gained a wide following. Among the many jokes based on the prank, “Deez Nuts” is the best known.

The joke behind this popular prank is not as clever as it might sound. The actual joke itself is not particularly funny, but the delivery is excellent. The video has received almost one million views. The video was shared by comedian Welven Harris, who made the joke a viral sensation. The joke started when Harris called his dad and asked if something had come in the mail. When his dad replied with “Deez Nuts”, he was genuinely shocked.

The size of the Deez Nuts prank varies, so it’s important to buy a model that fits your needs. Look for one that’s durable and popular. If you can afford it, you’ll get more accuracy, speed, and sweet view. The average price of deez nuts book pranks is between $$$$, though the higher prices include more premium features. However, you shouldn’t get the cheapest version, as it is unlikely to be worth the extra money.

Message in book

When a baby’s first words are “Deez Nuts,” it’s natural to want to share this message with the world. That’s why Deez Nuts were created by artist and self-taught illustrator, Karen Feiling. The artist’s abstract, playful illustrations are well-known for de-stigmatizing mental health issues. Her latest book, Deez Nuts, shares her message with readers.

While his name is new, the message behind the fictional character is not. His parents, Mark and Brady Olson, are farm farmers in Iowa. They farm 2,000 acres of corn and soybeans and have a son named Brady, who is a sophomore in high school next week. They have been raising children for a decade, and the campaign began in earnest last month with the help of family friends. Mark and Brady Olson’s family were reportedly upset with the two-party system when they decided to run for president.

The idea behind the “Deez Nuts” joke is not a new one. It is a classic way to refer to a gentleman’s crown jewels. The “Deez Nuts” joke originated from a prank call between Welvin Harris and his father. Harris asks his dad, “Did something come in the mail today?”, to which Harris replies, “Yes, Deez Nuts!” He bursts into laughter, as he has delivered the joke on TV.


The Deez Nuts song was one of the most popular songs in 2014, and it made its way into popular culture in several ways. One guy took his deez nuts to “People’s Court,” which aired at the end of 2014. Another guy named Welven Harris gained fame on Vine after dropping a line about his father, and this post sparked a wave of spoofs and imitations.

The phrase “deez nuts” is actually a slang term for testicles, a reference to the 1992 Dr. Dre song “Deez Nuts.” The phrase is a spoof of the name, so it’s not surprising that the young candidate has found a large following among rappers. Similarly, a book with the title “Deez Nuts” is a popular choice for a gift-wrapped package.

WelvenDaGreat’s video has gained international fame and spawned several parodies. In the video, WelvenDaGreat tells his father that he’s gotten “deez nuts” in the mail. The video is a prank call, and WelvenDaGreat’s original version runs about a minute. It is widely shared on social media, but we’d recommend checking the original before you buy.

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