How to Download YouTube Videos

download youtube videos

To download YouTube videos, you have to know how to copy the video URL, paste it on your computer, and click the download button. There are various ways to do this, like using Save From Net or VDYouTube. These websites will parse the URL and allow you to download the video. But before we get into these methods, let’s first know what they are. Save From Net: This website lets you download YouTube videos by parsing the video URL and then extracting it.

Save From Net

If you want to watch your favorite YouTube videos in a seamless fashion, you can save them. There are several ways to download them. You can use MP4 files or MP3 files. MP3 files can be played in many different devices, including mobiles. To download YouTube audio, you can use an MP3 player or download the audio as an MP3.

When you are ready to save YouTube videos from the internet, you should first open the video you want to download. You can do this with a video converter or online converter. Online video converters are convenient and work within your browser. You can also download videos in bulk using desktop video converters. Before you begin downloading, ask yourself a few questions to determine what your needs are. Here are a few tips to download videos:

Using browser extensions to download YouTube videos is a great way to download your favorite videos. Video Downloader Professional is an extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Mac. Many people prefer to download YouTube videos rather than watch them online. Downloading videos gives them access to their favorite content even if they are offline. It is also helpful to have local copies of videos for offline viewing. SaveFrom supports Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, TikTok, and Yandex videos.

After you have copied the YouTube video link, paste it into a search box. You can also type the URL on your keyboard to save it. Once the search box opens, tap the “Download” button. You can then choose the format and quality of the file. Alternatively, you can right-click on the “Download” button and select ‘Save As/Download’. Once you have saved the video to your desktop, you can then watch it offline or save it to your hard drive.


If you’re looking for a free tool for downloading YouTube videos, BitDownloader is the perfect tool. Not only does it support downloading MP4 and other common video formats, but it can also download songs from YouTube and save them as other formats. It’s free and allows unlimited downloads, so why would you pay for it? We take a closer look at how to use BitDownloader to download YouTube videos.

BitDownloader is a free video downloader for Mac. You can use it to download videos from YouTube and over 800 other video websites. It’s also compatible with HD videos and allows users to choose the file format and quality. Another tool for downloading YouTube videos is Tubemate, which lets you set the location to save downloaded files and change download speed and language. This program is free and safe to use. It’s also supported by most video websites.

Using BitDownloader for downloading YouTube videos is simple, and allows you to change the quality of downloaded videos. Premium members can choose higher resolutions, and free users can download videos in 720p quality. Once you’ve installed the application, open your browser and browse to the videos you want to download. Select the three-dot menu on the bottom of the video, then click Download. Once downloaded, your videos will appear in the hamburger menu on your left.

Another free video downloader is ClipDown Video Downloader. While these programs are also free, they usually feature advertisements and may cause malware infection if you download copyright content. This is a good alternative for BitDownloader because it is fast, easy to use, and ad-free. You can also use it to download movies, TV shows, and music. You’ll need to accept their Terms of Service before downloading any videos with BitDownloader.


If you are interested in downloading YouTube videos, InsTube is a great option. It offers 360-degree download capabilities and is not limited to YouTube or SoundCloud. It supports around 25 websites to download content and is completely private. InsTube allows you to download music, videos, and other content without the need to register. This allows you to enjoy the content without worrying about losing it or having to pay for it.

InsTube is similar to Google Chrome. It was originally developed as a web browser, but its developers later added a video download function. While InsTube is not available on Google Play, it works just as well. Downloading InsTube Apk is easy. You can choose a size that suits your device and install the app. Once you’ve installed the InsTube app, you’ll be able to start watching videos.

InsTube offers support for dozens of streaming video and music services, including Facebook and Instagram. It also supports social networks like Soundcloud, Vimeo, Vine, Tune, and Vevo. The Private space feature helps you protect your private videos and music from prying eyes. To keep your files private, you can set a password and confirm it. This way, no one will ever know who has downloaded your content!

If you want to download music or videos from YouTube, InsTube can help you with both. It supports various formats, including MP3, and even videos in HD quality. Besides, it works with a variety of video formats, including mp3 and other popular audio files. Using InsTube is simple, and requires only a few minutes to download and install. When you have the InsTube app installed, you can enjoy the content on your PC.


If you want to download YouTube videos without having to sign up or register, ClipConverter is a great option. The program does not require registration, personal information, or signups, and does not charge you for using the service. The only cost you may have is for the size of the file you want to download. Here’s how it works:

First, download the ClipConverter bookmarklet from your browser. You can do this by going to your bookmarks section. Then, whenever you want to watch a video, go to ClipConverter and click on the bookmark icon. A new window will open. You will then be able to see details and download links. You can also choose to view the converted videos on different devices, such as iPhone and Android.

After installing the software, you can start downloading videos. All you need to do is enter the URL of the video in the search bar. You’ll be given a choice of the format and resolution. Once you’ve done that, click “Download” to begin the downloading process. Note that downloading takes longer than converting the video. Moreover, the downloaded videos will lose quality. That’s why you should use ClipConverter to download YouTube videos.

As a web application, ClipConverter supports many popular video formats. It supports Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge web browsers. Moreover, it does not require any update and occupies almost no space on your device. The best part is that it does not require internet connection to use it. In addition, ClipConverter allows you to download the entire video or a portion of it. If you’re looking for a free, easy-to-use YouTube video downloader, ClipConverter is your best bet.


Using a YouTube video downloader is one of the easiest ways to download YouTube videos. This application allows you to copy the link to a video and then save it for offline viewing. You can also select a playlist and download as many videos as you want. Whether you want to download a short video or an entire playlist, YouTube ByClick has you covered. It works on any browser, including Chrome. Simply click on a video to see if it is available for download.

To improve your chances of getting your video views, use a high-quality thumbnail. Videos with a good thumbnail will have a higher click-through rate than those without. YouTube collects data about viewers and recommends videos to a wider audience based on this information. Bigger faces will help you increase your video click-through rate. Whether your thumbnail contains a face or not, a large face will attract more viewers.

The thumbnail is crucial for increasing click-through rates and is the first chance to connect with potential viewers. YouTube recommends that you use a customized thumbnail for your videos, as 90 percent of top-performing videos use one. Using the automated default thumbnail will only hurt your chances of getting noticed. Instead, try using a custom thumbnail that is highly relevant to your niche and based on user feedback. It’s easy to optimize a thumbnail and get more views with a custom video.

To edit a YouTube video, click on the “Editor” button in the left sidebar. Choose the desired part of the video and drag the “Create Clip” slider. Adjust the length to between five and 60 seconds. Add a description and title for your clip. Use up to 140 characters to describe the clip. Then click “Save” to save your edited video. If you’re not comfortable with basic editing, you can use a more powerful video editor.

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