Types of Fanfic


There are several different types of fanfic: Fix-it fic, Lemon-lime sagas, and crossover speculative fiction. Each type of fic has its own style and aims. However, there are some common characteristics among these works. Below are some of the most popular types and their classifications:

Fix-it fic

Fix-it fic can be described as fan fiction that corrects a major flaw in an existing series of stories. The stories are canon divergent or can make significant changes to existing canon. The characters’ motivations are often unresolved, and the author attempts to resolve those flaws. This is not a Troll Fic, however, as the character’s motivations are often perfectly reasonable.

Many fix-it fics have changed the original plot lines of the original series. The most common fix is the transfer of the mind of a character into a different body, allowing the character to be revived and reunited with the original series’ characters. Many fix-it fics also alter the ending of “The Day of the Doctor.” For example, many of them feature a more prominent role for Rose Tyler. The fix-it fics in the Harry Potter series are notable because they avoid the end wherein the characters die and are saved by the Doctor.

Despite the fact that fix-it fic is not a popular genre of fan fiction, it does exist and has its fans. One such example is A Hero. This fan fic adds DalekSec and the rest of the Whoverse. Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic is also a popular form of fix-it fic, containing nearly every time Edward and Al return to their world. Another example is Winry, who visits our world as a spy.

In a similar vein, there are numerous X-Men: First Class fanfics. Many of them retcon the ending of Season 3 of the manga in order to make it more satisfying for the characters. These fanfictions are known as Fix-it fics. Some Fix-it fics even recreate the beach scene and the final battle scene. In the world of X-Men, the Fix-it fics often deal with the deaths of the main characters, but they usually remain within the continuity of the main story.


Curtainfic is a subgenre of fanfiction that depicts romantic couples in everyday domestic situations. The term “curtainfic” was first used in an article published in the Sentinel online, but has since fallen out of favor due to its negative connotations. This article will discuss the history of this genre and the differences between it and fanfiction. This article will cover some of the most common examples of curtainfic and its different subgenres.

A typical curtainfic story is fluff with no major drama. It may be part of a larger romantic plot or a witty look at the ordinary behavior of a character. Curtainfic shares some characteristics with kidfic, which generally describes the domestic details of a new baby. But some curtainfics are separate from kidfic, which might be a romantic story. And since there is overlap with kidfic, it’s important to remember that curtainfic isn’t all about romance.


Lemon fic is a genre of fanfiction where explicit sexual acts occur between the characters in the story. These stories are especially popular with the shipping community, which searches for fanart and fanfiction featuring a specific couple. Sometimes, multiple lovers will share a room together. In some fanfic, it can even be a straight couple. In fact, Lemon fic can take the form of both types of fanfiction. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between Lemon fic and other fan fiction.

Lemon fic is a type of fan fiction that features a sexual relationship between a sexy couple. While the term originally came from the Anime fan fiction community, it spread to other fandoms in the early to mid 2000s. Like smut, the term has multiple etymologies, but the most common one is based on the “classic” Hentai anime series Cream Lemon. An early fanfic mailing list dedicated to erotic anime was called “The Lemon List” and the term is said to be a nod to the show. The term originates from the notion that sexuality is like a lemon, so, fics with this theme are usually more interesting and engrossing than fics with a different theme.

Like any genre, Lemon fic is a good fit if the characters’ personalities are a bit quirky. Many fans of the otaku genre will be attracted to the wacky side of Lemons. Lemon fics have an underlying social message, and can be a good choice for a young adult audience. Lemon fic is an excellent way to explore the complexities of relationships. So, take a look at the following list of Lemon fics and see which one is right for you.


When it comes to fanfiction, “lime” is often used to refer to stories that have explicit sexual themes but are not explicit. Lime fic is also a distinct genre in that it uses lyrics to emphasize certain elements and generate theme. Although “lime” fanfic is a popular genre, it’s not necessarily the easiest to write. However, there are a few basic rules that all “lime” fanfics should follow.

The main difference between a lime story and a lemon story is that the former is lighthearted and free of angst. Lemon and lime fics generally contain sexy scenes without angst and focus on romance and light-heartedness. Both words come from early pornographic cartoons, and are used to indicate sexy content. A good Lime fic writer will be careful to avoid using the term smut.


Smut in fic can be more sensual than porn videos, because characters in sex fics have feelings and goals. While porn is visually interesting, most people need something more than naked bodies to feel sexy. Likewise, smut in fics are not as sexual as porn videos, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be sexual. This article will provide some guidelines for writing smut in fic.

Smut in fic can be classified as either erotica or PWP. It may refer to one small scene or the entire book. During the 2000s, euphemisms such as “lemon” and “lime” were used to label sexy works. In light of recent censorship on adult content on Tumblr, the term is being used again. In fact, smut in fic is a form of badfic.

There are many reasons why a reader might not like smut in fic. While many people dislike it because it reads like porn, there are many people who actually enjoy it. In addition to reading smut fic, some readers are attracted to it because it shows the changing dynamics of character relationships. Some of these readers are sex-phobic, but this does not mean that smut in fic should be avoided altogether.

Although some fans of smut in fic may find it uncomfortable, Wyatt says that sex fics provide a safe space for people who have a variety of sexual orientations. In fact, smut in fic can raise deeper questions about the ethical aspects of sexuality. And fans should be sure to keep their sex fantasies to themselves, and not tag celebrity characters or celebrities. This way, the sex scenes in fanfics are more complicated than the ones that are popular in mainstream media.https://www.youtube.com/embed/hgohEVx7oKg

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