French Word For Mother in Law

Are you looking for the French word for mother in law? Learn how to say “ma mère en law” with these phrases. From “bonne fee” to “la marraine,” we’ve got you covered. Here are some other French words for mother in law: belle-mere and une bonne fee. And don’t forget to check out our French to English translation! It’s an excellent way to learn the French language!


The French word for mother in law is l’oncle. Like many French words, this word is most commonly used in conjunction with a possessive pronoun or article. This is a slightly different word than the English word mother. While l’oncle is generally used as an article, there are also instances where it is used as a title. The word frere is often used as a poetic title and le parrain is the French title for a nun.

The French word for mother in law combines many meanings. The word l’oncle means “mother in law.” For example, l’oncle may mean “mother-in-law,” while beau-frere may mean “step-mother.” A belle-soeur is a step-sister. Among other things, she is a step-brother, sister-in-law, or mother-in-law.

La marraine

While the English language doesn’t have a corresponding French word for mother in law, the French language does have one: La marraine. This word means “mother in law.” It is often used to refer to an in-law who is not the mother of the child. A good way to learn how to speak French is to download an app and play it in your free time. Language Drops is a good example of a free app that teaches language concepts through visual games.

The French word for mother in law is “la marraine.” There are also variations of the word. This includes a step-daughter or daughter-in-law. A step-daughter is also called “la bru.”


Unless you’re looking for a romantic comedy or a humorous family story, the word “belle-mere” probably doesn’t mean “mother in law.” While it may have an obvious connotation, the meaning isn’t particularly beautiful or romantic. Instead, it’s a term of courtesy, similar to “dear sister” and “good sister,” and has been used since 1423.

There’s no shortage of potential sources of friction between French in-laws and their British counterparts, from differences in cuisine and drinking habits to the language. Regardless of the underlying issues, effort can help smooth over any bumps in the road. But the French word for mother in law, Belle-mere, is particularly difficult to deal with because it’s a foreign language. If the words “mom” and “mamma” are mixed, it can be a joke.

Une bonne fee

French has a very long tradition of addressing family members with the article “un,” which means “to” in English. This word was originally used for the stepfamily or in-laws of a man. It was originally meant to portray them in a favorable light. The current version, however, is more formal, and is used in official language. Here are a few examples of French words that mean mother in law.

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