Free Phorm – Is BT the Only ISP Looking at Phorm?

free phorm

BT is one ISP looking at free phorm, but Virgin and TalkTalk are also interested. Phorm is an advertising system that follows you around the web, and shows you relevant adverts based on your browsing habits. For example, if you search for large breasted women, or compromising positions, you’ll be served adverts relevant to your interests. You can even get a free Phorm to use on your iPhone!

BT is not the only ISP looking at free phorm

BT is not the only ISP looking into the possibility of offering free Phorm services. Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse are also testing out the concept. However, these two companies haven’t announced any plans to implement the system yet. Meanwhile, BT hasn’t decided whether Phorm will be opt-in by default or not. While Phorm is legal, privacy advocates question its use and the effectiveness of the system.

Charter’s plans to introduce the program have been delayed, and it’s unclear when it will restart. But the company has repeatedly claimed that Phorm cannot profile its users because it doesn’t store personal information. However, the company is still investigating the service and hasn’t provided an exact date on its return to market. BT has also been accused of using its subscriber data to serve targeted ads on other websites.

The ICO believes that the scheme is safe to use, and they will base their decision on the experience of individual users. However, they will also take into account the Privacy Act and Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. This means that Phorm has to comply with all these laws. It may even be a violation of DPA if it uses private data. However, the ICO is not alone in investigating Phorm.

Despite the controversy surrounding free phorm, BT is not the only ISP looking into the technology. The new software uses a feature of the web browser called a cookie. A cookie is a small file that web sites place on your computer. It does nothing harmful and has hundreds of uses. A web site might use one to remember your username or to hold your shopping trolley.

Virgin and Talk Talk are also looking at it

BT has put its plans to implement free phorm on hold after criticism over the technology. However, TalkTalk and Virgin Media are reportedly looking at the technology. Both companies have been evaluating it for 18 months and are still undecided about its suitability for the UK market. Meanwhile, BT says it is reviewing its Webwise technology but has not made a final decision. Virgin also confirmed it is investigating the technology.

The two biggest companies are competing to offer the most advanced internet service in the UK. TalkTalk offers an impressive line-up of entertainment and sports channels, while Virgin is more competitive on price and offers a more integrated offering. Both companies also look at offering free phorm to attract customers. However, they differ in terms of service quality, with Virgin coming out slightly ahead. TalkTalk, on the other hand, is offering a cheaper and simpler broadband service but is largely missing out on a mobile and TV service.

ISPs are in a dilemma over free phorm. They see the potential revenue from targeted advertising but are worried their customers will be spooked by the technology. There are concerns about how Phorm will be used and the EC has taken legal action against the UK government over BT’s trial of the technology. The government is reportedly evaluating the situation in order to see if Phorm is indeed beneficial for their customers.

BT and Virgin Media are not alone in trying to expand their reach. The UK’s fixed-line market is dominated by BT and Virgin Media O2 (VMO). These two service providers offer both fixed and mobile services, driving convergence. Other major players include Sky and Vodafone. TalkTalk’s fixed-only value proposition is also viewed as an opportunity by Fitch. TalkTalk’s retail customer base declined by 1.8% in 1H22 and Fitch expects that it will reach a minimum of 10% by 2020.

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