Silent War Webtoon

If you’re an avid fan of the Silent War video game, you might be interested in a webtoon about this popular franchise. The Silent War webtoon was written by Tharchog and illustrated by Yansae. The webtoon ended on a cliffhanger, but the author has promised to publish Chapter 122 as soon as possible. Read on to learn more about this fandom and how they create their webtoons.


There are several reasons why you should read MANHWA18 Silent War webtoon. First of all, it has an interesting storyline and a nice art style. Second, Silent War is quite different from typical manhwa, so if you’re not into the manhwa genre, you should not read it. Third, Silent War’s art style is quite beautiful. Last but not least, the story is very dramatic and will tug at your heartstrings.

Third, the main character, Gunner, gets semi-raped. His consent was needed to get in the room with him. This was a big turn-on for Gunner, who is eager to earn enough money to live in peace. He will even resort to illegal ways to make money, including gambling and fighting. This ends up in him getting a girl named Mira. Hyun, on the other hand, does all of this because he’s scared.

Silent War

If you love manga and anime, you will surely love Silent War webtoon. This webtoon has been made with Korean comics in mind, which means it’s full of hot, colorful images. You can find the webtoon on a website called manhwa68. It is a great way to keep yourself entertained while you read. If you’re new to manga, you can try it out for free and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.

This webtoon has a good storyline and art style. It’s also very long, with 40 chapters. The webtoon is also geared towards Gundam fans, and its protagonist is Cheol-cheol, a black-eyed Marvel. It takes place in the Balfour Plain and features the first mortal tribes. In the end, everyone is going to discover the truth about their past.

Silent War fandom

A webtoon series for the Silent War comic book series can be found online. Based on the Marvel comic book series of the same name, the webtoon follows the story of the war between humanity and Inhumans after Quicksilver stole the Terrigen Mists from Attilan. The series is a favorite among fans of Marvel comics. It has won many awards and continues to be one of the most popular series in the world.

Silent War fandom’s art style

If you like comic books, you’re probably familiar with The Silent War. The second part of the House of M storyline, the Silent War focuses on the war between humanity and the Inhumans, following the events of the first film. The series is written from different character viewpoints, similar to A Song of Ice and Fire. Most of the characters, such as Crystal, are Inhumans and boring. Medusa, Black Bolt’s wife, has an emotional affair with Black Bolt’s evil brother Maximus.

The story of The Silent War begins in a city where two forces fight for control. At the center of the conflict are seven Masters who are unaware of the ongoing battle. The art style of this fandom is stunning, and its creator has done an outstanding job. Another adult manga that has similar art style is My Stepmother. The plot involves a family feud, and both stories have similar storylines and art styles.

Another Silent War fandom that has an interesting art style is the manhwa style. Manhwa is a Korean comic book that is full of hot, colorful images. The Silent War fandom is particularly fond of the art style used in manhwa68. However, the artist has yet to confirm the origin of the name. The genre has been a staple of Korean comics for decades, and it has spawned an entire genre of manga.

Silent War’s storyline

The sequel to the popular Marvel comic book series, “Son of M,” “The Silent War” takes place after the events of the last one. This storyline details the conflict between humans and Inhumans. The infighting in the first book is rather dumb and is mostly confined to the rise of Maximus. After that, the plot of this book is less predictable and more satisfying. Still, if you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll probably be disappointed by The Silent War.

The film’s plot is inspired by several real events and a fictionalized version of them. A Spanish captain, who calls himself ‘El Tigre,’ shows off his new cannon, a knock-off of the Winchester. This Spanish version of the Winchester is more powerful than its English counterpart and he uses it to kill guerillas in an open field. However, he is not satisfied with this, and begins a bloody hunt to find his horse’s owner, a man named Asier Etxeandia.

“The Silent War” has many flaws. First, it fails to capture the attention of audiences. The movie suffers from a lack of soul. Though it’s based on true events, it lacks tension and soul. Many of the emotional scenes aren’t enough to make us feel touched. And, as previously stated, the movie isn’t great for families or fans of action movies.

The art style of the game is excellent and the creator did a great job with it. Another adult manhwa, “My Stepmother”, has 50 chapters. The plot involves a family dispute, and is based on a similar storyline to Silent War. If you’re a fan of Manhwa, you may also want to check out “Silent War” if you’re interested in the genre.

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