Starbucks baristas comment on the most complicated drinks.

Starbucks is the most famous coffee shop in the world, for being a millionaire and having the most original coffee recipes on the entire planet earth, such as a rainbow frappe, the most surprising recipes are those that customers believe, since they are really unique.

I could not believe the recipes never imagined that a human being could ask for.
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very original white mocha

We were surprised when another customer totally changed the concept of the White Chocolate Mocha drink at our Starbucks branch, taking it to another level.

This barista described the frappe as “very hot venti white mocha with 11 tablespoons of pure sugar and 11 white mocha concentrates… it looked like thick syrup.”

A client with a very particular habit

Another barista also comments on another loyal customer who daily ordered a drink to his liking. It was the “venti” size with 10 loads of coffee, a load of mocha, low fat, with a chocolate spiral, with 5 packets of cinnamon all mixed well.
This request was made every day of the week, from Monday to Friday, he never got bored.”

starbucks frappe

Drink with all the flavors

A couple of friends who bought at Starbucks almost always ordered a tea for each one, the striking thing was that each one put 40 to 45 packets of refined sugar, said another barista.

with more sugar, please

An unknown Twitter user talked about a really different request from a buyer. The order was a “giant strawberry latte, whole milk, cream on top, 11 sugar, cinnamon sprinkled to make it look prettier,” he said.

The most difficult request for us to make

The order was very well explained by the client and was as follows: “Frappe, Ristretto, 11 venti measure shots, 8 loads of strawberry, 6 loads of caramel, 7 of sugar, without stirring,” according to another Twitter user.

Chai Reloaded

On Twitter, another user also told us that they asked for a drink almost pure, super concentrated, and thick syrup with a very strong sweet taste, hardly any customer asks for so much syrup in a drink.
“Chai frappe was the order but with 23 loads of chai…in short, it was an iced syrup drink.
The taste was not good at all, even so, the client drank it and paid without problem for the chai that he put more in his drink.

2 for 1 drink

The client was advised that it was not advisable to combine two flavors of drinks, the client ignored our recommendations.
“The drink was half strawberry and half vanilla latte.
He was advised of another type of combination such as a macchiato with pistachio syrup, but no, he was so obsessed that he did not listen to my recommendation.
In the end, the client thanked us for pleasing him by serving him the drink he ordered. This was shared by an anonymous twitter user.

The combination never asked for.

Sometimes the combinations of drinks are classic but strange.

For example “Black coffee venti and the characteristic touch is to put 2 bags of green tea.
Lightning flavored drink,” said a barista on Twitter.

Matcha and no foam, please.

We end this article with this special combination and it is that a customer requested his drink “Size venti with 8 measures of vanilla 12 tablespoons of green tea”, commented varista on twitter.
“Another varista commented that they returned his drink more than 5 times because the client apparently thought there was excessive foam in his coffee and not enough matcha.