It’s not that you can practice yoga by being soft, but you will become soft when you practice.

Yoga is not the only way to be soft, but to be quiet when you practice ~ Yoga is like lubricating the body.

Rejuvenate a rusty body Yoga is an invisible piggy bank.

As long as you are willing to persevere, every effort you put in will not be in vain. You only need to grow up in a gentle and unhurried manner.

Those you think you will miss, Yoga will take one by one.

Back to you, Yoga is a kind of practice; what you can see is the change of body shape and appearance; inner peace and abundance are what you can’t see.

You don’t need to rush to pay back when you practice Yoga because sowing and harvesting are not in the same season, and there is a period in between called persistence.

Rest assured that your efforts will be seen in time.

Yoga is a slow but happy road, don’t panic, don’t rush for success, accumulate bit by bit; haste is not enough. Take it slowly. It will be faster.

If you are starting Yoga, and there has not been much change in three and a half months, don’t worry; yoga changes in units of years.

A good figure and health are never easy to get; they accumulate over time. It is a way of life and attitude, not rushing, not arrogant or reckless, not persistent, balanced, just right.