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Aside from writing and directing novels, William Levy has also worked in film and television. He starred in Retazos de Mi Vida, which recounts the life of guerrillera Lorena Pena. The film starred Christian Bach, Erika Velez, and Maria Teresa Guerrero. He also starred in the television series Planet 51, and has appeared in numerous other productions.

Rosita Amado

The popular Telemundo program ‘Protagonistas de Novela’ is looking for the next superstar in the audiovisual industry. In the past, William Levy starred in television movies and produced his own shows. But he has recently returned to his roots, and is directing his first TV series, based on his beloved novel. “Montecristo” will have a Spanish-language premiere on Netflix in the fall, and will include William Levy himself as the titular character.

Rubi is a 2004 telenovela that aired on Televisa until 2005, and has been voted the best Mexican telenovela of all time. The series stars Barbara Mori as the eponymous heroine. Rubi is a young woman from a poor family in rural Mexico who worships Ek Chuah, the mayan god of war. Her grandfather runs a chocolate factory in Miami, and she is worried that she will face a miserable life in the US.

The telenovela “Mi amada Beatriz” is an adaptation of the classic book, Una muchacha llamada Milagros. Miguel Alcantara and Catherine Fulop starred in this 1987 telenovela. The series was written by Delia Fiallo and Benilde Avila and adapted by Eliseo Morales and Zaret Romero.

Lucia Sanclemente

The woman-fragranced coffee remake ended last Friday, September 24, but the book had a good audience, especially in the final weeks. The story centers on Gaviota and Los Vallejo, two towns that share a common history. Lucia Sanclemente is a character that plays an antagonist role in the fiction, as she is obsessed with the protagonist. The book is a great read for fans of both fiction and film.

A woman with a big personality, Lucia has many strengths. She is very ambitious and will do anything to get what she wants. Lucia is a caprichose, who is often at odds with Gaviota, Sebastian’s enemy. Lucia is narrated by Carmen Villalobos, a Colombian actress who has appeared in several notable projects. Her husband, Leonidas Salinas, is a doctor who also has a major role in the novel.

William Levy has dated Carmen Villalobos. The two actors have appeared on one another’s television shows and are close friends. They both have children, but have yet to confirm their romance. William Levy has also dated Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos. While both protagonists are fiercely in love, neither one is sure about who is more in love with whom.

Enfermeras y Lala’s spa

The eponymous movie from the William Levy Novelas series retells the life of an enfermeira (a spa attendant) in Mexico. Ana Maria Perez, who directed the cult hit This Is Only Temporary, writes and directs the film. The story revolves around the enredo of a love story starring a transgendered woman, named Lala. While the film’s plot is quite complex and deep, Lala’s Spa is not as dark as it could be.

The telenovela ‘Lala’s spa’ stars Claudia Liliana Gonzalez. Previously, she starred in ‘Hilos de Sangre Azul’ and ‘Cafe con Aroma de Mujer’. She is returning to the role of Teresa Salinas, the spa owner, after starring in Paraiso Travel.

Despite the success of the original series, the new version will debut in 2021. Canal RCN is already targeting first-place ratings with the new series. After the success of Pa’ Quererte and Enfermeras y Lala’s spa, the network is targeting the number one spot for the 2020 television ratings. ‘Cafe, with the aroma of a woman’ will be the next big hit on the network.


A new series of television dramas, Triunfo del Amor and Sortilegio, is slated to begin airing on Televisa this fall. Producers Salvador Mejia and Ben Levy recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the new series. He also talked about his growing fan base. Here are some highlights from the interview. Read on to learn more! Listed below are some of the best scenes from the new series!

Sebastian Carvajal has taken his acting talents to new heights in ‘Enfermeras,’ an acclaimed telenovela from Spanish-language TV. The actor plays a doctor who first catches the coronavirus while serving as a hospital director. This is the first time he has played a hospitalized patient. In a twist that puts the viewer on the edge of their seats, the doctor uses his skills to help the victims.

The escasez of water and the low salaries of health workers have all contributed to the decline of the hospital system in Latin America. However, one enfermera is doing all he can to make ends meet. Despite the difficulties and dangers of the profession, Perez is still able to receive remesas from his esposo and family members. In the past, he worked as a mechanic in Peru. However, after losing his job to pandemia, he started selling refrescos.

Cafe con aroma de mujer

The telenovela “Cafe con aroma de mujer” starred the renowned actor and translator, William Levy, who is of Cuban descent. While the movie did not get the best ratings, it featured a lavish cast that included Levy and Laura Londono, one of Colombia’s most renowned actors. In addition to his acting talent, Levy has participated in a variety of TV shows and productions, including a reality show.

Fans of the actor have hailed him with affection and nicknamed him “William Deli.” According to Laura Londono, William Levy played a besbol player in college. The actor began his acting career twenty years ago and has appeared in many films and telenovelas. However, his relationship with Elizabeth Gutierrez, the mother of two children, has recently been called into question.

“Cafe con aroma de mujer” is an American-Colombian telenovela starring Laura Londono, Diego Cadavid, and William Levy. The drama is based on a 1994 Colombian telenovela and premiered on RCN in Colombia and Telemundo in the USA on May 10, 2021. The cast includes Laura Londono, Diego Cadavid, and William Levy.

“Cafe con aroma de mujer” is a telenovela by Fernando Gaitan. The telenovela is a hit across Latin America, and has been adapted into two films. The movie version of the novel is expected to be one of Netflix’s most popular series in 2022. If it lives up to expectations, it may be the highest-rated movie on Netflix.

Be careful with the angel

Be careful with the angel, the title character of the telenovela starring Maite Perroni and William Levy, is one of his best-known works. The actress is Mexican, although she was originally a Cuban. In the book, she was unmarried, but she later married an Italian millionaire. The telenovela won numerous awards and gained a great following in Mexico.

One of the most popular novels by William Levy is “The Catwalk of My Life.” The first book in this series was published in the United States and the film was a worldwide phenomenon. The movie spawned several hit telenovelas and a popular television series, including “Coffee With the Aroma of a Woman.”

The actor owes his success to telenovelas, which he has credited as his biggest influences. Having started out in minor roles in Miami productions, Levy’s success soon spread to Mexico. In 2008, he starred in “Care with the Angel,” a romantic comedy that spawned three more series with Maite Perroni and Jacqueline Bracamontes. He later went on to star in “Triumpa de la amor” alongside Liliana Abud and Carmen Villalobos.https://www.youtube.com/embed/p8-qG-1asHY