Tom Felton and Emma Watson Are Still Best Friends

emma watson and tom felton

While the world of Harry Potter is flooded with rumors about their upcoming marriage, it’s actually pretty safe to say that Tom Felton and Emma Watson are still the best of friends. They share a crush on the wizarding world, skateboard together, and even have mini-Hogwarts reunions. Emma Watson’s recent romance with L.A. businessman Leo Robinton has fueled rumors of an impending wedding. Meanwhile, Tom Felton, meanwhile, is single and signed up with dating app Raya in 2020. While they haven’t been romantically involved for years, their friendship has remained the best.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson have a close relationship

There are many signs that Emma Watson and Tom Felton have a very close relationship. In 2003, the two attended the Disney Channel Kids Awards together and Felton was known as a big brother to Watson. In 2011 and 2012, they starred in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. In addition, the pair shared a photo gallery on Instagram of themselves riding skateboards and hanging out at the beach. In August 2019, the pair revealed that Felton taught Watson to play the guitar.

The actors have been close friends since the first film of the Harry Potter series and have dated on numerous occasions. In the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Emma had a childhood crush on Tom Felton. The actor became protective of Watson when he learned of her crush. However, the actors are no longer romantically linked. Their friendship is still very strong.

During the recent Harry Potter films, Tom Felton and Emma Watson have revealed that they have a crush on each other. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tom and Watson had a romantic relationship when they were filming “Harry Potter”. However, their relationship cooled down after Emma’s first breakup. The two actors are now dating American businessman Leo Robinton. The two first met in London in 2019 but did not make their relationship public until 2020.

It’s no secret that Tom Felton and Emma Watson have a close relationship, but it’s a popular fantasy. While many fans speculate about a romance between the two, the actors insist that their relationship is more of a platonic one. This is not to say that they are in a relationship, but it certainly seems to be a mutually beneficial one. So, if you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, Tom and Emma Watson are the perfect pair.

They have a crush on Harry Potter

The cast of the Harry Potter movies were recently shown to have a secret crush on each other. Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the last film, admitted to having a crush on her co-star Tom Felton. But Felton has said that the two actors are just friends. Despite this, rumors of a romance involving the two actors have circulated for some time.

The actress has also revealed that she had a crush on the actor who played Draco Malfoy in the second film of the series, Tom Felton. The two actors met during the filming of the seventh movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. But Felton did not reciprocate Watson’s feelings. Hermione Granger, who played Hermione in the previous movie, is jealous of Watson.

As far as the relationship between Watson and Felton goes, Felton and Watson seem to be more than just friends. They have a long-term relationship. The two recently shared an adorable selfie together, congratulating Felton on his role on YouTube series “Origin.” The duo also seem to enjoy riding longboards together. The two are also close friends and are often spotted together.

They skateboard together

Harry Potter superfans may not be aware that Tom Felton and Emma Watson skateboard together. Felton and Watson have been teasing each other for years about their lack of skateboarding skills, but he may have been attempting to teach her to skateboard for more than two decades. In the video, Felton chides Watson about not wobbling and says that she should keep her feet still. Watson insists she isn’t wobbling but isn’t sure what that means.

Recently, Emma Watson posted a video to her Instagram of the two skating together. She supported Tom Felton’s new sci-fi show, Origin, and also shared sweet memories of the two on the social media site. The two reunited last month and frolicked in Southern California. While Felton won’t be skateboarding in the sun anytime soon, the photos and videos shared by the stars are certainly enough to make a few people drool.

The pair first met in the Harry Potter movies. Emma had a crush on Tom, and fans have been shipping the two from the start. Since they became friends, the two hung out on a California beach, and Emma shared skateboarding selfies with him. The two are still close, and Emma recently shared a video of herself on the beach with Tom. And, of course, fans love to follow their relationship on social media!

During their time on the Harry Potter set, Tom and Emma formed an unusual “kinship.” The actress admitted to falling in love with Felton during the filming of the first Harry Potter film. The two actors are now rumoured to be dating each other. However, Tom Felton is single and Emma Watson is currently dating American businessman Leo Robinton. The two met in London, but have not made their relationship public yet.

They have mini Hogwarts reunions

Harry Potter fans can look forward to a mini reunion between Emma Watson and Tom Felton as Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. The actors were in attendance for a charity event to promote the film’s upcoming anniversary special, and fans were ecstatic to see the two actors share a hug. Tom Felton played the evil Draco Malfoy in the films.

The actors have been reuniting on a regular basis since the last film was released, including this April. Tom Felton, Emma Watson, and Matthew Lewis all recently shared a snap of them with the caption “#Hogwartsalumni.” The three actors posed for a magical photo as they remembered their favorite moments in school. While the reunions have been happening quite frequently since 2011, this latest photo is particularly special.

In a post on his official Instagram account, Tom Felton shared a photo of himself with his co-stars, including Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom. The two actors have been working together on the upcoming seventh film, and fans have been hoping for a romantic relationship between them. However, the actors’ romantic relationships have been deemed platonic at this time.

In addition to reuniting with each other on Instagram, Tom Felton recently shared a photo of him teaching Emma Watson to play guitar. The two actors are pictured together on a beach, and their outfits are equally charming. While they may be famous rivals in the Harry Potter series, Tom Felton and Watson have been BFFs for years. The actors are also frequent collaborators in other projects, including their upcoming films.

Emma Watson and Tom felton have had mini Hogwarts reunions as the stars of the movie series have reunited on multiple occasions. Emma and Tom had a cute photo of each other in January, and Tom and Emma later had a special moment together as Ron and Draco Malfoy. Similarly, the two actors got back together in June when they reunited as Hagrid and the Monster Trucks at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.

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